Welcome to Web’s Charlotte.  A colourful journey from the vineyard to the bottle and of course finally to the glass.  We’re here to celebrate this art-form and the community it entails.

Andrew Wardlaw.

In 12 months from now I’ll be releasing two wines under my new label Web’s Charlotte.  A pretty, floral and sexy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.  Also a dessert wine made from botrytis Semillon and late picked Verdelho.

Perfect ripening weather followed by the wettest spring i’ve experienced resulted in fruit of great acidity, aroma and varietal expression.  I was privileged enough to meet a few growers who supplied me with some prime fruit at a low price.  As such, we can enjoy a special wine without spending a mint.


Take me to the Beginning!


6 responses to “Intro

  1. Annette and Eddie

    Yes we finally found it!! Chino looks very relaxed, plus welove the panoramic photo of the vineyard in autumn!

  2. It’s Looking Great! =)

  3. Anthony Cowley

    Lovely photos, looking forward to the first drops.

  4. Love the photos man, nice work with putting it all together.
    After tasting the ferments…i cant wait to try the finished products.

  5. Thanks guys! We cant wait for the finished product too =)

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