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Pt 3. Beaurepaire Ridge

Having previously worked in the Eden valley region in South Australia,  Andrew found a natural affinity with the Beaurepaire Ridge Vineyard (BRV).  Sneaking up around 600m above the sea, BRV plays host to some stylish Cabernet Sauv, Shiraz, Pinot, Petite Verdot, Chardy, Semillon and Verdelho…   of which we’re keen to get our mitts on.

Introducing Richard Bateman.  Captain of the vineyard at BRV with many years experience here and at the climatically similar region of Orange.  (No, its not “orange” the fruit, they just named an area like the fruit.  But im pretty sure there’s more grapes in Orange than there are oranges.  It’s all a little pear shaped.)

Richie has become a real friend and his generosity here is an integral part of the Web’s Charlotte project.  Allowing us to hand pick fruit from around the end posts in his vineyard that harvesters cant reach.  These grapes would normally be left and go to waste.  So through this relationship we get top-notch fruit for our blend, the vineyard looks tidy and we all get to enjoy the vino!

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